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Making Magic // Jonny Grunwald’s TCP Magic FD3S/RX-7

Photos by: Denis Podmarkov | @_dpod_

Video by: Andrew Linga, Carlos Ureostegui, Gabriel Flores | @definitionxmk @zarkhan @gfloresz32



If unicorns existed, it would be in the form of Jonny Grunwald’s RX-7. It seems as though builds like these only live and run free in our wildest dreams. From the TCP Magic widebody to the custom Volk Racing TE37SL Versions 2’s, everything about it is just so rare and so perfect! Although they are known to be ‘uncatchable,’ we were lucky enough to capture the few moments we had with this Jonny’s unicorn.

We were first introduced to Jonny back in 2014, when he was working as a Project Manager for Bulletproof Automotive. With Jonny at the forefront of all Bulletproof Automotive’s JDM/Euro projects, he possesses a deep passion by bringing ideas into fruition by building some of the world’s baddest rides – and it truly shows. Some of the most notable projects that Jonny has been involved with include the Concept One FR-S, GT1 Nissan GT-R, Overtake Carbon Nissan GT-R, Varis Widebody BMW M4, BMW Z4 GT Continuum and many more.

During this time, Jonny had his mildly street modified RX-7/FD3S that he daily drove to work everyday. From the outside, the exterior had a clean yet sporty set-up, but under the hood was a completely different story. Although the car looked great with a nice set-up, Jonny had major plans for it going down the line. A few years later, we soon found out that Jonny had departed his workplace at Bulletproof Automotive and was pursuing new ventures on his own – one of them being his daily driven RX-7 project.

From there, he reached out to us and shared his vision about his build with full renderings and a grocery list of mods that were planned to be installed that summer in preparation for SEMA 2016. He also had big plans of making a big splash at AutoCon the following year. Just one look at the initial renderings, we were convinced that Jonny’s build was going to blow people away and we were excited to be part of his journey of executing his plan and making it into a reality. As planned, the car received tons of attention, coverage and accolades from anyone that has set foot in the Toyo Tires Treadpass.

Fast forward to earlier this year, Jonny decides to debut his FD build for the first time in 2017 at one of the biggest events of the year, AutoCon LA. Seeing and hearing the car roll into the LA Convention Center halls for the first time was definitely a surreal experience. Never have we ever seen such an amazing sight. The car had completely transformed into a beast of a machine. This was what dreams were made of.

By the end of the show, Jonny received top honors and awards from AutoCon and was also featured on Super Streets Facebook LIVE. We knew at that exact moment that Jonny had built something very special for the world to see. With a car build that is as unique as Jonny’s, we wanted to make sure that we give it the proper recognition it deserves. So we set up a time, day and place to document this rare gem that you see on your screen.

We met up early Saturday morning at a plaza nearby the base of Angeles Crest to plan out our shots for the day (and also loaded up on maximum amounts of caffeine) as we wanted to capture the right content while avoiding the traffic before the roads got too crowded. Once we had a solid plan, we were off on an adventure. Hearing the rumble and spooling of the turbocharged rotary engine was the perfect soundtrack to our morning cruise up on the canyons.

Once we reached our destination, it felt as though we managed to escape the busy noises of human civilization and into the world of peace, quiet and serenity – a place of zen. From there, our talented team put in the hard work behind the scenes to capture the precious moments we had with this FD. After spending a majority of our morning and day in the canyons, we decided to switch locations and move our shoot to the local streets of SGV to capture some rolling shots as the day moves along towards the afternoon.

We soon find ourselves on a private rooftop with Jonny, his car and the crew as the sun began to set along the horizon, wrapping up our shoot with a quick cameo of Jonny explaining some interesting points about his build. It’s days like these that makes us appreciate life and love what we do. Spending time with good company and making great memories.






1994 MAZDA RX-7



Brembo Race Division Custom Big Brake Kit featuring:
Brembo Racing Series A5T0 – Monobloc Forged Aluminum Race 4 Piston Calipers
Brembo Advanced Carbon Alloy Slotted Type V Endurance Racing 2-Piece Rotors (355mm vs 280mm oem)
Brembo Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Race Technologies DV01 Track Compound Brake Pads


KAAZ 1.5 Way Super Q Limited Slip Differential
Greddy Large Capacity Differential Cover
4.44 Final Drive Ratio
ACT Race Clutch Disc
ACT XTreme Pressure Plate
SPEC Aluminum Flywheel


SpeedsterJP Oil 15w50R Synthetic Engine Oil
SpeedsterJP Performance Synthetic Fuel Lubricant
SpeedsterJP ICE Coolant Additive
Speedster Hi-Tech Transmission/Differential Lubricant
Lucky 7 Racing Bridgeport 13B-REW Engine with E&J 2MM Apex Seals
Lucky 7 Racing Custom V-Mount Intercooler
Lucky 7 Racing Custom V-Mount Radiator
Lucky 7 Racing Custom 19 Row Dual Oil Cooler System
Lucky 7 Racing Custom Rear Differential Cooler
Precision Billet 6766H 1.00 A/R Turbocharger
HKS 13B T4 Cast Manifold
HKS 50MM Wastegate
Rywire Engine Harness
AEM Smart Coil Ignition setup in Direct Fire
MSD Super Conductor Spark Plug Wires
Full Function Engineering Primary Fuel Rail with ID1000cc Injectors
Full Function Engineering Secondary Fuel Rail with ID2000cc Injectors
Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator
Walbro 450lph Fuel Pump
Synapse Engineering BOV
Full Function Engineering Idler Pulley
Nagisa Auto Shakkito Plates
Touge Factory Pulley Kit
IRP High Output Alternator
Pettit Racing Starter Booster
Pettit Racing Braided Clutch Line
Powerhouse Amuse R1 Titan Exhaust System
Adaptronic Modular ECU Series FD3S 6 Engine Management System
Garage Life Tuned 480whp and 361lb-ft of torque at 18psi, 550whp and 397lb-ft torque at 26psi


Total Car Produce Magic Japan Widebody Kit Type TT CF Kit (World Debut SEMA 2016)
TCP Magic G-Face Front Bumper
TCP Magic TT Carbon Front Diffuser
TCP Magic TT Carbon Front Canards
TCP Magic TT Carbon Front Side Canards
TCP Magic TT Front Fenders
TCP Magic TT Carbon Front Fender Diffusers
TCP Magic TT Carbon Side Skirts
TCP Magic TT Carbon Side Skirt Canards
TCP Magic TT Carbon Side Skirt Diffusers
TCP Magic TT Rear Fenders
RE-Amemiya Carbon Rear Diffuser
Chargespeed Carbon Hood
AeroCatch Hood Latches
Craftsquare Carbon Mirrors
Evo-R Headlights
Car Shop Glow Signal Lights
Mazda Series 8 (Japan) RX7 Taillights
Custom 1880mm Battle Aero V3 Chassis Mount Carbon GT Wing
BMW M4 Mineral White Metallic color change by Auto Explosion body shop


Top Secret x Personal Steering Wheel
LRB Speed Dash Panel
Recaro Profi SPG Seats Refinished in Alcantara with Diamond Stitching
Nagisa Auto Low Seat Rails
Tommy Kaira x Rowen “Heavy Baby” Shift Knob
One-Off Custom 11 Piece Carbon Interior
Evo-R Carbon Door Panels
Evo-R Carbon HVAC
Evo-R Carbon Shifter Console
Kirk Racing 4 Point Roll Bar Refinished in Pearl White.
Takata 4 Point Race Harnesses
B&M Short Shifter
Boss Audio System with Bluetooth Amp controlled by iPhone 7 Plus
Fire Extinguisher
Odyssey PC925 Battery


Defi Red Racer Boost Gauge
Defi Red Racer Water Temp Gauge
Defi Red Racer Oil Temp Gauge
Defi Red Racer Exhaust Gas Temp Gauge
Innovate MTX-L Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge
Adaptronic Oil Pressure Sensor
Adaptronic Fuel Pressure Sensor


Stance Custom Valved XR3 Competition Coilovers with External Reservoirs & Custom Swift Springs
Custom Air Cup Suspension Lift
Racing Beat Front Sway Bar
Racing Beat Rear Sway Bars
Carbing Front Strut Bar
Carbing Rear Strut Bar
IR Adjustable Rear Toe Arms
IR Adjustable Rear Lateral Links
IR Adjustable Front Endlinks
IR Adjustable Rear Endlinks
Super Pro Bushings


Toyo Tires R888R
Front: 295/30/18
Rear: 315/30/18


Volk Racing by Rays TE37SL Version 2 (First set, debuted World Wide at SEMA 2016)
Front:18×10.5 +15 Rear: 18×11 +18
Thunderbolt Titanium Lug Nuts



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