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Running the Streets of LA

By January 6, 2018Vehicle Features

Photos by: Cory Mader @LXIIPhotography | Denis Podmarkov @_dpod_

Video by: Andrew Linga @definitionxmk | Carlos Uriostegui @zarkhan | Gabriel Flores @gfloresz32 | Jerald Yutadco @jaycraaay

Magic always happens when we link up together. This time around was no different. We have been planning our 2018 AutoCon trailer shoot for months and decided it was finally time to make happen before the wild holiday season hits where we find ourselves buying useless gifts online and attending family gatherings in loose clothes, feasting like it’s still Thanksgiving.

The plan for this shoot was to meet up at 10pm on a Friday night and cruise the streets of LA with the AutoCon media team along with 6 of our good friends from dusk til dawn capturing everything our city has to offer. We ended up picking a date and time that worked for everyone which happened to be a week before the Holidays. As the cars started trickling in, the night vibes felt very underground-ish from scenes like Fast and Furious or Need for Speed. We spent the next hour just hanging out and planning our shots to make sure that we got everything we needed. Once we were all set up, it was Lights, Cameras, Action!

The most challenging part of the shoot was coordinating with 4 videographers + 2 photographers hanging out of open windows of a few lead cars while shooting 6 cars rolling through downtown LA without getting stopped or pulled over by 5-0. We ended up driving all around town passing by iconic landmarks (such as LA Convention Center, Staples Center, Disney Concert Hall, the Broad Museum, ROW DTLA), breaking necks and causing a ruckus everywhere we went. It’s not everyday that you’ll see a group of highly modded cars on the street cruising together, let alone a team of people hanging out the side of the car with expensive camera gear. As the night progressed, we soon found ourselves making a pitstop at a local 76 gas station to refuel and chill out. After the quick break, we were back on the road to shoot some final shots before calling it a night.

Rolling through the city with everyone gave a deep sense of comradery – we were all in this together. At the end of the night, I realized that the real fun wasn’t even about shooting the cars, but rather the good times and memories that were shared. I am so grateful for being able to meet and be surrounded by so many supportive people in this circle we call the car community.

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Big ups to everyone who came out to support! Steve (@angelcity458gt), Leon (@leon_casino), Brendan (@na_hero), Anthony (@blazn_gtr), Andy (@blu_gtr), James (@keepitloki_fd). The AC Media Team: Andrew Linga (@definitionxmk), Carlos Uriostegui (@zarkhan), Gabriel Flores (@gfloresz32), Jerald Yutadco (@jaycraaay), Cory Mader (@LXIIPhotography), Denis Podmarkov (@_dpod_)!

And Special Guests: Darren (@lcreaminzl), Yogi (@phaze2yogi), Justin (@jf0ng)


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