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Santa’s SR20 Sleigh // Dominic Le’s Datsun 240Z

By December 8, 2017Vehicle Features

Photos and Words by: Cory Mader | @LXIIPhotography

Video by: Andrew Linga | @definitionxmk

Ever since we first got together to shoot The famous Hakotora truck, we’ve been looking forward to meeting back up with Dom and his freshest build. Needless to say, once we saw the new Z in person, we weren’t let down in the slightest. At first glance, the strong red paint jumps out: a custom mix PPG paint not even on the market yet reflects back hues of crimson to candy apple to a deep red-orange. Follow that up with the 10 and 11 inch wide bronze Work Equip 40’s and meaty Toyo R888 R’s and you’ve got our full attention!

Taking a couple steps closer reveals more and more detail as you circle around the car. The front bumper, front splitter, and rear bumper all seem to be normal enough until a ray of light hits the carbon fiber weave. What stares back is not just a run-of-the-mill CF, but one with a fiber woven in to reflect laser-like stripes of red along the pattern. Between the front and rear you’ll find ZG flares and the great OEM fender mirrors, providing a bit of width and additional field of view. A nice touch to take note of: the badges on the hood and pillars were all 3D printed, emblazoned with the Chasing Js and CJ logos.

Under the hood, a whole new world of titanium fills up a solid portion of the engine bay. Front and slightly back from center, an S13 SR20 (making 428 WHP) sits below the Chasing Js titanium tri strut bar. The notable amount of open space ahead of the engine, thus the ‘slightly back from center’ comment, is attributed to moving the engine further back in the bay to help with the car’s weight distribution. Dom says this also makes working on the engine easier as it gives him a place to sit, which is a bonus in this world of super cramped bays full of plastic shrouding.

Moving inside the car, the attention to detail never wavers. The dashboard, seats, door panels, and center console were all crafted out of carbon fiber, while the floorboards have been plated in a vivid blue-hued titanium. In the center console sits an ATP titanium short throw shifter, while all gauges have been replaced by a single RacePak IQ3S unit behind the steering wheel. Under the rear hatch is a pleasant surprise, a fifth, (full sized!) spare Work Equip laced up and ready for action in case of emergency.

Another year and another SEMA has come and gone, as evidenced by Santa and his reindeer copilot whipping through the streets with a tree atop the roof, but the quality of this build is timeless. It’s one of those cars that look great at a glance but grow on you the more you stare and walk around it, and in today’s world of flash-in-the-pan builds, that’s saying something. Here’s to more quality and craftsmanship in 2018!

1971 Datsun 240z


TRD 4-piston front brakes and Nissan rear brakes


ACT 6 Puck Clutch
ATP Titanium Short Throw Shifter


Block: S13 SR20DET
Port and Polished Head
Custom Drive-By-Wire Throttle
Tomei Poncam
Supertec Valves, Retainers, and Springs
Tomei Lifters
ID1000 Injectors
Greddy Intake Manifold and Metal Head Gasket
Toyota Prius Smart Coils
Rywire Milspec Wire Harness
CSF Triple Pass Radiator
Apex Custom GTX 3071R Turbo
Dorace Exhaust Manifold
CP Forged Pistons
Manley Connecting Rods
ACL Race Bearings
Knife Edge Counterweights
Nuke Performance BOV, FPR, and Catch Can
Custom Titanium Piping (Everywhere)
RyTi Titanium Nuts and Bolts
Chasing Js Titanium Tri-Strut Bar


Custom PPG Red Paint
Datsun ZG Flares
Datsun OEM Fender Mirrors
JDM Tail Lights
Chasing Js Custom Red Reflection Carbon Fiber Front and Rear Bumpers
Chasing Js Custom Red Reflection Carbon Fiber Front Splitter


Custom Carbon FIber Dashboard, Seats, Door Panels, Center Console
Titanium Floor Plates
RacePak IQ3S Dash
Custom Half-Cage
Chasing Js Titanium Rear Strut Bar


Adaptronic M2000 ECU


T3 Front and Rear LCA
T3 Diff Bar
Custom 32-Way Coilovers with Swift Springs
MSA Swap Bars
R180 STI Diff
Porsche 930 Chromoly CV Axles


Toyo Tires R888R


15 x 10 and 15 x 11 Work Equip 40s


I would like to say Thank you to my wife (Cindy) for everything that you have done to help me finish this build. Ryan from Rywire, Stan from Toyo Tires, JC from Work Wheels, Jim from APEX Turbos, Shawn from Turbo Source / Adaptronic, Ronnie from RD Engineering, Adrian from FRsport, Jeff from Datsun Garage, Mario with the help on the carbon, Richard from all the misc parts, the guys over at Composite Envisions, Russ and Erik from Steve’s, and everyone and all the sponsors that made this personal dream build a reality. Lastly this one is for you Nicholas and Lauren Le Daddy loves you!!!!!